The tower

I do often look at you like you're some kind of protector of our hearth and moral code.
Although, I don't always hold with some of your actions.
I remember how hard for me was to label you.
I wouldn't call you my family, because we're not related.
I wouldn't call you my best friend, neither. You're more than that.
When some people, our mutual friends, or even your BFF used to turn away from you, I kept believing in you.
I tried to be your tower of strenght.
I couldn't be, of course.
I'm not a tower, but rather a ruin.
Even though, I would rise to throw stones and bricks at those who slander you.
Just to fall apart and become a ruin again.
Every time I was rising to be that tower of strenght, I saw a wall surrounding me.
So I felt like, if I would fall into pieces, I am safe.
Alas, what I saw wasn't a wall, but just shadows.

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